Building Robust Ventures

Our expertise focus on providing robust competitive strategies to Enterprises, Private & Institutional Investors and Governments on how and in what optimal ways to successfully invest their varied expertise within Africa’s Emerging Growth markets – in line with the spirit of Building Robust Ventures.

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Knowledge, Integrity & Credibility

We are an International Trade & Development consultancy dedicated to disseminating sustainable and impact investing know-how. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we utilise an impeccable impact-oriented driven approach to generate substantial returns on investment (ROI) to our esteemed clients, comprising: enterprises, investors, investees and society at large. This is in line with our corporate identity that emphasises upon a high ethical culture depicting – Knowledge, Integrity & Credibility.

What We Do

1 / Foreign Direct Investment

We assist companies to successfully diversify their business interests and activities through the initialisation of Exporting activities, establishing Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, Mergers & Joint Ventures, and acquiring controlling interests in a target company.

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2 / Private Equity Investment

We assist retail and institutional investors to formulate and implement savvy varied strategies for investing in high return Personalised Investment Portfolios

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3 / Private-Public Partnerships

We assist retail and institutional investors to formulate and implement savvy varied strategies for investing in high return investments – by sharing investment responsibility and interests with African National Governments.

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4 / Capacity Building

We organise high-level annual seminars focusing on business progressive development, together with quarterly B2B workshops and symposiums.

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News & Knowledge

Agribusiness in Africa

Agriculture is widely considered to be the mainstay of African countries as it plays a key role in economic development.…

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Renewable Energy in Africa

Africa has been experiencing rapid economic growth within the last 20 years, with an average GDP growth of 4% in…

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Health Care in Africa

Health care in Africa is traditionally considered to be significantly underdeveloped, in comparison to the rest of the world.  According…

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Key Growth Industries in Africa

The following industries are experiencing impressive growth in the continent - Healthcare, Energy, and Automotive, respectively. Hence, an array of…

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How to Succeed in African Markets

Over the years, Africa has been considered to be a highly rewarding trade and investment destination. This presumption is, for…

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Agribusiness Opportunities in Africa

Today, across Africa, big things are happening on the millions of small family farms that are Africa’s main source of…

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Kenya FDI Strategic Location

British insurer, Prudential Plc. has transferred its African operations headquarters to Nairobi, Kenya. The insurance juggernaut has largely cited key critical…

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Google to Support African SMEs

Google has launched a fund for supporting African SMEs. The fund will be managed by Californian-based NGO Kiva via African…

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Investor & Investee Investment Checklist

Impact Investing in Africa's Growth Markets Impact investments are investments made with the intention to generate positive, measurable social and…

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Strategic Partners

We focus on the following highly productive industries that provide our esteemed clients with substantial Returns-On-Investment (ROI): Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Health Care, FinTech, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Building & Construction.

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