Knowledge, Integrity
& Credibility

We are an International Trade & Development consultancy. In line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), our sustainable and impact investment approach focuses on opportunities wherein savvy business and investment strategies aim to generate notably rewarding returns to enterprises, investors and investees – through mitigating pressing social and environmental challenges. This overriding strategy is in line with our corporate identity that emphasises upon a high ethical culture depicting – Knowledge, Integrity & Credibility.

What We Do

We provide robust competitive strategies to Enterprises, Private & Institutional Investors and Governments on how and in what optimal ways to successfully invest their varied expertise within Africa’s Emerging Growth markets. Additionally, through our core subsidiary, African Strategic-Forum (ASF) – we assist African Private Enterprises and Governments to successfully invest in Capacity Building initiatives through partnering with reputable organisations within developed economies. These initiatives comprise training in Effective and Ethical Governance – on the Corporate and Governmental levels.

Delivering Impactful Societal Value

Cutting-across all of our areas of expertise, we overwhelmingly focus on – Delivering Impactful Societal Value. Thereby, by choosing to work with us, you will guarantee that you meet this key ingredient – Doing Good Business, is Good Business, to prosper in the long-term. Our overriding objective is, therefore, to help our esteemed clients to – Build Robust Ventures. This is achieved through our expertise in aiding our esteemed clients to expand their business operations to the African continent where endless growth opportunities are in constant existence, and at the same time, tap into Africa’s massive industrious Human Capital, and thereby helping to alleviate poverty by providing speciality jobs. It is in this noble spirit that we ascertain the delivery of Impactful Societal Value to all our stakeholders, comprising: our esteemed clients and the society at large.

Our Vision, Mission & Purpose


To be the preferred partner in providing inclusive and sustainable business and investment partnerships within Africa’s Emerging Growth markets.


To ensure that our esteemed clients are able to build sustainable and robust ventures.


To guarantee that we deliver Impactful Societal Value to all our esteemed stakeholders.


Why Choose Us?

The following core competence areas summarise our impeccable expertise as a partner of choice:

(1) Wide and Diversified Network of Influential Partners. We possess a network of trustworthy and influential business partners – within both developed and developing economies that comprise a diverse array of stakeholders, such as: Chambers of Commerce, Governmental Investment Agencies, Private Investment Agencies & Stock Market Agencies, Policy Makers, Industry Professionals, Embassies, Third Sector Agencies, Industry Unions, Universities and Research Institutes.

(2) Tacit/Intimate Knowledge of Business and Corporate Culture in Target Markets. We possess tacit/intimate knowledge of the ever-elusive and seemingly inaccessible, yet highly rewarding business and investment opportunities within target markets, in conjunction with the necessary corporate culture that is required to succeed within these challenging (albeit high investment-return) markets.

(3) Diverse-set of Complementary Post-Contractual Services. Upon fulfilling the terms-of-contract with our esteemed clients, our relationship does not end there. We as such offer a number of post-contractual services such as: dispute resolution (where intently unavoidable), extra professional advice and support where needed, together with other pertinent strategic issues – for no extra charge.

Strategic Focus Areas

We focus on the following highly productive industries that provide our esteemed clients with substantial Returns-On-Investment (ROI): Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Health Care, FinTech, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Building & Construction. We provide impactful international trade & development strategy consulting and support services within these highly productive industries that encompass the following representative strategic focus areas. These representative strategic focus areas aim to ascertain  that our esteemed clients prosper in the long-term by sustaining their profitable growth and competitiveness:


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In line with our Operational Philosophy that articulates our Vision, Mission & Purpose – we are dedicated to providing our esteemed clients with both economically and socially highly profitable returns. 

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