Facebook establishes content hub in Nairobi

By Rawlexx79


Social media giant Facebook has unveiled a Content Review Centre in Nairobi, the first such office the firm is setting up in Sub-Saharan Africa – as it looks to increase language support for its users.

The centre’s review team will be charged with assessing all types of problematic content and abuse on Facebook’s platform.

The team will comprise a number of native language speakers who will support a variety of languages that includes – Somali, Oromo, Swahili and Hausa. The tech giant has partnered with Kenya-based Samasource, a digital employer that will be charged with recruiting and helping the firm build the content review team for the centre.

Facebook representatives stated that the new investment is part of the firm’s commitment to boosting safety and security on its platform.

The Nairobi centre targets to employ approximately 100 reviewers by the end of the year.

“Over the years, we have made significant investments globally, and locally in ensuring that people see the content they want to see, and are aware of what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. That’s why we have a set of Community Standards, and last year published the more detailed internal guidelines around these rules,” said Facebook Public Policy Associate, Fazdai Madzingira. “We want Facebook to be a place where people can express themselves and freely discuss different points of view, whilst ensuring that it remains safe for everyone.”

Facebook says it picked Nairobi owing to good local infrastructure, the political and economic environment, and a large multilingual workforce with language and cultural expertise.

“This further highlights our commitment to serving the community of people using our platforms across Africa, as well as our commitment to continuing to invest and partner locally across the continent,” said Facebook’s Public Policy Director for Africa, Ebele Okobi.

Source: ASV & Business Daily Africa.