Health Care in Africa

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Health care in Africa is traditionally considered to be significantly underdeveloped, in comparison to the rest of the world. 

According to WHO (World Health Organisation), most Africans are unable to afford basic health care provisions. The irony is that despite this unfortunate trend, the majority of Africans have no option but to self-fund their health care needs.

On a positive note, however, most of the regions’ economies have continued to improve and, thus, the demand for quality health care has been on the rise. One key intervention that will bolster the provision of on-demand quality health care services is the robust development of PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships).

The Case of PPPs

The robust development of PPPs will facilitate much-needed improvements in regulatory oversight of both private-sector and public-sector health care provisions. This way, most Africans would be able to receive quality health care services from their various jurisdictions.

Private-sector’s influence

Health care provision by private-sector stakeholders comprising for-profit and not-for-profit enterprises – is the most predominant channel for Africans to receive their pertinent health care services. Even more importantly, for instance, private-sector medical provision is usually the only option within rural and poor urban slum areas. Furthermore, these private-sector stakeholders most often fulfil vital medical needs that are commonly unavailable from the public-sector, such as access to advanced medical equipment and procedures.

Future prospects

It is apparent that private-sector health care stakeholders will continue to play vital roles in the provision of quality health care in Africa. In this vein, health care expenditure will continue to surge and thus, this trend presents arrays of viable business and investment opportunities.

Business and Investment Opportunities

Noting these rapidly growing developments, businesses and investors within the health care industry are presented with a slew of viable business and investment opportunities within the continent. These comprise the following.

  • Health Equipment – manufacturing and provision of advanced medical devices.
  • Health Products – provision of expertise in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals.
  • Health Technologies – provision of expertise in ICT solutions.
  • Health Care Financing – provision of an array of diversified investment funds.

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