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Renewable Energy Business Opportunities in Kenya

By ASV Client Relations


Key Developments in Renewable Energy

Kenya’s Energy sector is amongst the most vibrant in Africa and thus, energy demand, and in particular renewable energy – is expected to support this growth trajectory. Viable Business Opportunities within this sector include the following.

  • Biomass – Co-generation using sugarcane bagasse and other agricultural residues.
  • Biogas – Potential to produce over 130 MW of power, availability of municipal coffee and sisal waste, and potential to generate slaughter wastes.
  • Wind – proven potential of as high as 346 W/m2, Wind speeds of over 6m/s F-I-T of USS 0.011 per kWhr.
  • Solar – Relatively stable off-grid PV market, Insolation estimated at 4-6 kWh/m2/day, Duty and tax exemptions for PV products, fixed F-I-T of USS 0.12 per kWhr for 10MW.
  • Geothermal – Proven potential of as high as 10,000MW along Rift Valley – Menengai, Olkaria & Baringo, Fixed F-I-T of USS 0.088 per kWhr.
  • Hydro – Potential for the installation of small hydropower plants, high potential in tea factory sites, fixed F-I-T of between USS 0.06 and USS 0.12 per kWhr.

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