What We Do

We provide unparalleled investment advisory and support services within the following representative strategic focus areas. The ultimate objective is to ensure that our esteemed clients prosper in the long-term by sustaining their profitable growth and competitiveness, within Africa’s high-growth markets.

1 / Foreign Direct Investment

We assist companies to successfully diversify their businesses interests and activities through the initialisation of Exporting activities, establishing Parent Companies, Subsidiaries, Mergers & Joint Ventures, and acquiring controlling interests in a target company.

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2 / Private Equity Investment

We assist retail and institutional investors to invest in high return Personalised Investment Portfolios.

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3 / Private-Public Partnerships

We assist retail and institutional investors to invest in high return investments by sharing investment responsibility and interests with African National Governments.

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4 / Capacity Building

We organise high-level annual seminars focusing on business progressive development, together with quarterly B2B workshops and symposiums.

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We focus on the following highly productive industries that provide our esteemed clients with substantial Returns-On-Investment (ROI): Agribusiness, Renewable Energy, Health Care, FinTech, Information & Communications Technology (ICT), Education, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Building & Construction.

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