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Private Equity Investment (PE): In PE, we assist retail and institutional investors to formulate and implement savvy varied strategies for investing in high return Personalised Investment Portfolios.

Representative Opportunities – Kenyan Market


Information & Communications Technology (ICT): Kenya is home to a large number of highly educated and innovative talents. This is illustrated by varying degrees of notable innovations for instance, as demonstrated by the globally renowned FinTech revolutionary invention, M-Pesa, a mobile phone-based money transfer service – that has been adopted by some of the best banks in the world. Investing in this sector is significantly supported by the aforementioned key success factors.

Agriculture: There are joint venture opportunities for foreign investors seeking local partners. For instance, the government has earmarked a number of industries for privatisation, such as Sugar and Cotton processing factories. Others include export-oriented agribusiness, horticulture and processing of oil crops and investment in large-scale irrigation schemes.

Renewable Energy: In Kenya, energy is identified as one of the infrastructural enablers of the three pillars of Vision 2030, with an expected surge in energy use within the commercial sector – on the road towards attaining the vision 2030 objective. As a result, the government has identified the need for the generation of additional energy and efficiency in energy consumption as priorities in Vision 2030.


Representative Opportunities – Tanzanian Market


Mining & Minerals: Mining has placed Tanzania in the higher ranks of African economies in terms of attracting FDIs. Tanzania is endowed with a variety of industrial minerals and precious metals, as well as gemstones. These include iron ore, soda ash, coal, clay soil, uranium, gold, diamond and tanzanite.

Economic Zones: The country gears up to become an industrialised middle-income country by 2025. In line with this vision, Tanzania has decided to put greater effort into building a strong industrial base. To this end, Tanzania has set up Export Processing Zones (EPZs) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs) as key enablers of industrial growth and services – to promote export trade. The EPZ scheme promotes investment in the manufacturing sector – mainly for export, while SEZ schemes involve other sectors such as – agriculture, trade, tourism, mining and forestry.

Economic Infrastructure: Improving transportation infrastructure is a key priority for the Government of Tanzania. Developing the nation’s roads, ports, railways and airport infrastructure is critical for the country to improve it’s internal and external trade & commercial activities. The sector’s further development includes improvements in the energy sector, as Tanzania strives to become a middle-income country.


Representative Opportunities – Rwandan Market


Financial Services: Rwanda’s financial sector continues to be stable, well capitalised, profitable, sound and stable. As of June 2016, the total assets for the financial sector expanded by 13.7%, to reach FRW 3.4 trillion. The size of the financial sector, as measured by total assets, relative to GDP, increased to 55% in June 2016 – up from 53.8% in June 2015.

Information & Communications Technology (ICT): Rwanda continues to be one of the fastest-growing African countries in ICT and there are several avenues for growth for the ICT sector – from e-commerce and e-services, mobile technologies, applications development and automation – to becoming a regional centre for the training of top quality ICT professionals and research. A robust ICT industry can create wealth, jobs and entrepreneurs.

Mining: Mining in Rwanda presents unexploited opportunities in ores, processing and diversification. It is the second-largest export industry within the Rwandan economy. In 2014, the sector generated about $210.6 Million of foreign exchange. A robust, investor-friendly legal and policy framework has been put in place.



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