Thousands of students needed to register for Huawei’s ICT Competition

By Rawlexx79


Huawei has completed its second round of registering local students – for its global ICT Competition 2018-2019 in Kenya.

The round which concluded in July 2018, has seen more than 1000 students from different universities registered, adding up to a total number of 1121 students from 13 universities.

Among the universities that registered students include JKUAT, Strathmore, Multimedia, Machakos and Daystar – among others.

Huawei’s Kenya Training and Certification Manager, Suky Su, said that the registration will continue and Huawei aims to have around 3,000 ICT talents to be part of this programme.

With the theme “Connection • Glory • Future”, the Huawei 2018-2019 ICT competition aims to provide a platform for global ICT talents to compete and communicate, promote high-quality ICT talent development, and drive the growth of a robust and sustainable ICT talent ecosystem.

The 2016/17 edition of the Huawei ICT contest attracted 40,000 applicants from 800 universities in 32 countries.

In the 2018-2019 edition, 50,000 contestants from 50 countries are expected to participate in the preliminary stage.

“We are proud to launch this project in Kenya this year and hope to make it into another flagship programme,” said Suky Su.

Huawei also runs the Seeds for the Future programme, which is in its 5th year. This investment comes as Huawei seeks to make the ICT competition an integral part of the local ICT ecosystem.

Su said that the registration will continue until early September, calling on more students to be involved.

The on-going registration will be targeting Nairobi, Kenyatta, Daystar, Africa Nazarene universities, and the Catholic University of East Africa.

The online application can be made through or by email “Full name + mobile + university + school + level” via

Source: African Strategic-Ventures (ASV) & The Exchange.