UK makes significant investment into Kenya Solar Plants

By Rawlexx79


The UK Government is investing Sh220 million ($2.2million) in the development of two solar plants – in rural Kenya.

The funds will be channelled through InfraCo Africa, a private infrastructure development group company.

The UK’s Minister for Africa, Harriett Baldwin, announced the funding to develop solar plants in Samburu and Transmara, each with a capacity of 10 MW (AC).

“The Samburu and Transmara projects will demonstrate the commercial viability of strategically sited small-scale solar plants (10MWAC and below) and so mobilise greater private sector participation in this market segment,” she said.

The two power plants will add to the varied electricity projects that have thus far been initiated, or are planned – as Kenya races to raise output to 5,000MW and cut the cost of electricity to consumers by half.

The Kenyan government targets universal electricity access by 2020, up from 70% in 2017. The UK minister said the Samburu and Transmara projects will directly contribute to achieving this goal.

“To date, private-sector investment in Kenyan solar has focused on either large-scale plants or local mini-solar systems,” she said.

Source: ASV & Business Daily Africa.